Okdo Jpeg to Swf Converter

Okdo Jpeg to Swf Converter 5.5

This program lets you convert images into SWF flash animation/video files

This application converts your JPEG image files into Flash animations. This is a very useful tool to create presentations using your photos, and to publish them on the Internet so they can be watched with Adobe Flash Player. You can use it to convert multiple JPEG files into individual SWF files or into a single presentation easily. Besides, you can also customize the size and the image zoom scale of your SWF files, among other customizable parameters.

The program offers an uncolored and not very attractive interface whose main function is simply to allow you to add your source JPEG files. You can add them individually, by folder or by dragging them dropping them using your Windows explorer. In addition, you can configure the output folder, and that is all you need to do to start the conversion process. Thus, despite its appearance, I might say that the program's interface is pretty intuitive.

However, if you want to configure your output files further, you can open the "Set Parameters" window to deal with more advanced settings. For example, you can set the image switch interval, the animation playback speed, the output image quality, and whether to compress the resulting SWF file using Flash 6. Together with these, there are many other parameters which appear to have been disabled, and which are related to formats that have nothing to do with SWF. It makes me think that this program is a simplified version of a more complex utility. Anyway, it still accomplishes its task of converting JPEG files into SWF format satisfactorily.

To sum up, I can say that this tool allows you to convert your JPEG images into SWF presentations effectively, and in an easy, fast and intuitive way.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Provides you with several methods to add your source files to the conversion list
  • Allows you to convert your source JPEG files individually or create a single SWF animation with all of them


  • Uncolored and not very attractive user interface
  • Includes many disabled parameters belonging to other unrelated formats
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